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The Sixth Judicial District of Arkansas includes Pulaski County and Perry County. The Sixth Judicial District Office of the Prosecuting Attorney is one of the busiest in the state. Pulaski County includes seven hundred seventy-one square miles and an estimated population of 352,164. Perry County includes five hundred fifty-one square miles and has an estimated population of 10,450. Pulaski County is primarily responsible for prosecuting crimes involving state officials because it includes the state capital.
The prosecutor and the administration of criminal justice protect victims of crime and citizens at large and seeks restitution for crime, punishment and rehabilitation of criminals and youthful offenders.
Our society experiences a wide variety of crimes including killing of children, child sexual and physical abuse, abuse of the elderly, heinous murders, abuse of dangerous drugs, domestic violence, sexual assault, assault on police officers and teachers, gang violence and writing hot checks. The Sixth District and law enforcement apprehend and prosecute criminals and achieve a good result that will benefit society.