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Lake Maumelle Watershed Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Documents and Presentation | Meetings and Annoucements
Adopted Pulaski County Lake Maumelle Watershed Zoning Code 4/23/13  
Notice of Public Hearing - April 23, 2013  
Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendment 8.2  
Pulaski County Lake Maumelle Watershed Zoning Code, December 7, 2012 Final Version  
The Proposed Final Amended Version of the Lake Maumelle Watershed Zoning Code (As Deferred by the Quorum Court at their December 20, 2011 Meeting)  
Quorum Court December 20, 2011 Agenda items: Lake Maumelle Land Use Plan and Land Use Regulations to be considered for adoption.
Final Zoning Ordinance November 21, 2011  
Final Revised Lake Maumelle Comprehensive Land Use Plan November, 2011  
Proposed Lake Maumelle Watershed Zoning Regulations November, 2011  
The Pulaski County Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on the county's Proposed Lake Maumelle Comprehensive Land Use Plan, Land Use Regulations and a Subdivision and Development Code Amendment on Tuesday, October 25, 2011 from 2:00 to 5:00 pm. The meeting will be held in the Pulaski County Quorum Court Chambers, located at 201 S. Broadway, Suite 410 Little Rock, AR 72201.
Notice of Lake Maumelle Watershed Planning Board Public Hearing - October 25, 2011  

Tetra Tech Review of Proposed Pulaski County Lake Maumelle Zoning Code - Supplemental Analysis and Discussion  
"Final" 10-4-2011 Lake Maumelle Watershed Zoning Code  
"Final" Lake Maumelle Watershed Comprehensive Landuse Plan  
A History of Public Meetings and Notice in the Lake Maumelle Watershed  
The Pulaski County Planning Board will hold a Public Hearing on the Lake Maumelle Watershed Land Use Plan and Regulations on Tuesday, September 27, 2011 from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. at the Winfield United Methodist Church located at 20100 Cantrell Road.
Revised Watershed Zoning Code as of September 20, 2011  
Public Comments Ending September 16, 2011  
Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Proposed Lake Maumelle Watershed Regulations  
Land Use Plan and Land Use Controls-August 15th, 2011 Public Meeting(s)
Land Use Plan and Land Use Controls-August 15th, 2011 Slide Show Presentation  
Public Comments received by Pulaski County until: September 16, 2011
Email comments to:
Van McClendon at vmcclendon@pulaskicounty.net
Pulaski County Planning and Development
3200 Brown Street
Little Rock, AR 72204
August, 2011 Lake Maumelle Watershed Public Meeting(s)
August, 2011 Lake Maumelle Watershed Public Meeting(s)  
Draft Land Use Regulation, June 24, 2011
Draft Land Use Regulations, June 24, 2011  
Draft Land Use Plan-Public Comments, June 7, 2011
Draft Land Use Plan-Public Comments, June 7, 2011  
Draft Land Use Plan, April 5, 2011
Draft Land Use Plan - April 5, 2011  
Recommended Land Use Concept-Public Comments, January 31, 2011
Recommended Land Use Concept-Public Comments, January 31, 2011  
Alternative Land Use Concepts
Alternative Land Use Concepts  
The public was encouraged to comment on the "Alternative Land Use Concepts" and a Summary of Public Comments can be viewed using the following link:
Summary of Public Comments  
Background and purpose
In 2007, after a long and meticulous process steered by a broadly representative Policy Advisory Council, Central Arkansas Water adopted a comprehensive Watershed Management Plan to protect Lake Maumelle. The Plan recommended that local governments with jurisdiction of lands in the watershed adopt ordinances to support the Plan and help put it into action. For Pulaski County, a key to possibly implementing some of these recommendations is the creation of a Comprehensive Land Use Plan and associated development regulations tailored to ensure that growth patterns and intensities of development within the watershed are consistent with the protection of our water supply, as well as of the scenic, recreational, and economic value of the watershed to our region.
To meet this goal, Pulaski County-in partnership with Central Arkansas Water (CAW) has commenced a process to create and put in place these important tools, which will apply to all land in unincorporated Pulaski County that falls within the Lake Maumelle Watershed.
As part of this process, in the summer of 2009 we selected a consulting team led by Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC (www.wrtdesign.com) to assist us in this effort, and we developed an approximate year-long work program to complete the plan and associated land use regulations. As defined in the original RFQ, the scope for WRT includes the following major tasks:
  • Inventory and existing conditions, land uses, property owners and physical infrastructure within the Pulaski County portion of the watershed.
  • Get input from stakeholders (interviews and public meetings) regarding plans and trends affecting the Pulaski County portion of the watershed.
  • Develop a Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the Pulaski County portion of the watershed.
  • Develop Land Use Control regulations for the Pulaski County portion of the watershed.
  • Provide support to Pulaski County Planning and Development after the completion of the Plan up to and including implementation.
Please note that a Stormwater Management and Drainage Manual (including a Site Evaluation Tool (SET) to evaluate Best Management Practices and ensure surface runoff loading rates are met for proposed developments) is under preparation separately by another consultant. In addition, Pulaski County recently adopted a new Subdivision and Development Code (Section 8), which can be viewed by clicking here.
About the process
The planning process is designed to incrementally identify and prioritize issues, pose and build consensus on choices among policies and strategies, and ultimately lead to community buy-in on a preferred Land Use Plan. To make the process more manageable, we have broken it down into three phases.
Currently, we are in the middle of the first phase, "Watershed Assessment," which is anticipated to be completed later this spring. An estimated timeframe (or timeframe range) is identified for the other two phases.
  • Phase One: Watershed Assessment
  • This ongoing phase includes the project kickoff, which culminated in a public Meet-and-Greet event held on February 1, 2010 at the Clinton School of Public Service, started in November with the formation of a Project Working Group comprising staff of Pulaski County and Central Arkansas Water (CAW) to set direction for and oversee the progress of the project.
  • As part of the kickoff tasks, the consultant participated in two different half-day tours of the watershed to become familiar with the "lay of the land," and conducted individual and small group interviews with about a dozen stakeholder interests to begin issue identification.
  • During this period, the consultant team also started assembling and reviewing maps, photos, and prior and ongoing plans, studies and regulations pertaining to Pulaski County and the watershed. These inputs are being used in a comprehensive inventory and assessment of the present physical, functional, and environmental conditions that characterize the watershed and the region.
  • The outcome of this phase will be presented to the public in a series of interactive forums, to be held at various locations within and outside the watershed area, later this spring. The purpose of these forums will be to review the inventory of existing conditions and begin to discuss potential approaches and parameters to achieve compatible, sustainable development practices within the watershed. Specific dates, times and venues are yet to be determined.
  • Phase Two: Land Use Plan / Regulatory Framework
    Estimated timeframe: approximately 6 months
  • The consultant team will prepare and describe in graphic form preliminary land use concepts, including depictions of development types that may be suitable for the watershed. The team will also identify potential regulatory structures that would be appropriate to implement the plan, consistent with Arkansas law.
  • The preliminary "menu" of land use and development typologies and regulatory mechanisms will be reviewed, refined, and assessed for their impacts by the Project Working Group and by focus groups (to be created for this purpose) in a series of workshops. The results of that assessment will be presented at a new series of community forum where participants will be able to discuss and give their opinion on the different scenarios laid out for the Plan in order to reach consensus on a preferred scenario. Specific dates, times and venues for these events are yet to be determined.
  • The consultant team will prepare a draft Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Regulatory Framework based on the input received from the second series of community forum. Once the draft document is reviewed and refined by the Project Working Group, the consultant will facilitate one final series of community forums for the purpose of reviewing, refining and securing public support for the plan. The consultant will then present to and seek endorsement of the final plan from the Pulaski County Planning Board and the Central Arkansas Water Board, as well as to get their direction to proceed with the preparation of regulatory tools and an implementing ordinance.
  • Phase Three: Land Use Controls / Regulatory Tools / Ordinance
    Estimated timeframe: approximately 3 months
  • The consultant team will prepare draft land use controls and regulations and associated developments standards and administrative protocols present it to the Project Working Group for review. The draft will be refined into an ordinance, which will be presented to the Planning Board for the purpose of seeking a resolution to adopt. Once this happens, the consultant will participate in one public hearing for the purpose of adoption by the Quorum Court.
How can I get involved?
We understand the importance of working cooperatively with direct stakeholders such as property owners and environmental interests, as well as all the citizens who rely on Lake Maumelle for their drinking water and for recreation. To ensure that the resulting plan has broad public support, it will be essential that citizens are aware of, and provide input to our planning process.
The easiest way to get involved is to sign up for an interest list by clicking here. This list is our direct connection to members of the public who are most interested in participating in the Land Use Plan process.
The public is also invited to attend each meeting and event outlined in the work program. Dates, times and locations will be announced in advance on the County's calendar of events and members of the interest list will be notified directly. Please check this page regularly for updates!
Documents and Presentation | Meetings and Annoucements