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201 S. Broadway, Suite 100
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: (501) 340-6110
Fax: (501) 340-6033
Email: humanresources@pulaskicounty.net
Mission Statement:
To support county departments in recruiting, developing, and maintaining a qualified workforce.
Functions & Services
The Human Resources Department (HR) is a support function of the county that partners with other county departments to provide specialized assistance in five functional areas. The HR Department administers and monitors the Pulaski County Personnel Policy for compliance. Policy manuals are distributed to all county managers and supervisors. As additions, revisions or changes are made by County Ordinance; notices of such changes are forwarded to all policy holders. The Director of Human Resources is responsible for interpreting policy for all county officials and employees to ensure consistency of administration and to advise county officials and department heads regarding specific personnel actions proposed. The five functional areas are discussed below.
  1. Recruitment and Employment
    These are two key functions of the Human Resources Department. Pulaski County has more than 1200 employees in approximately three hundred different job classifications. As job vacancies occur in the county departments, the particular department notifies the Human Resources department to begin the recruitment process.
    Recruitment of applicants may be limited to county employees only or simultaneously to the public. Positions are advertised on a weekly basis through the local news media (statewide newspaper), on the county web site and a twenty-four hours, seven days a week job information line. Vacancy announcements are prepared and distributed throughout county departments.
    Applications and resumes are received in the Human Resources department via walk-ins, fax and/or e-mail for a specified period of time. They are ultimately referred to the department's hiring officials. Following the selection of applicants to fill positions, new employees are scheduled for orientation, which occurs on a weekly basis.
  2. Classification and Compensation
    Pulaski County has adopted a point factor system (Coulter Classification System) to evaluate and classify jobs. There are approximately 300 different positions under the "classified" structure. The job analysis process involves a collection of information from the job incumbent and/or the supervisor regarding the nature of the work and the specific tasks to be performed plus other relevant background information such as organizational charts. This collection of information is done in writing and by conducting interviews (job audits) with supervisors and/or the position incumbent. The collected information is evaluated using the established point-factor system. Positions are placed into a job classification with a "grade" assigned. The "grade" assignment determines the compensation for the particular position.
  3. Benefits Administration and Special Programs
    Administration of benefits includes explanation of benefits, enrollments and termination of benefits. On-going communication between employees and providers of benefits is also involved. Pulaski County provides a generous employee benefits package. Employee fringe benefits are often indirect financial compensation given to employees, which include a) health and life insurance, b) vacation accrual, c) Employee Assistance Program (EAP), d) pension, e) workers' compensation, f) training and education funds. Pulaski County also provides opportunities for employees to enroll in other benefit plans such as disability insurance and supplemental retirement and voluntary group life at their own expense. The Human Resources department provides administration of all benefits with participation of the Comptroller's Department.
  4. Training and Development
    Funds are allocated for educational, training and developmental purposes. The Human Resources department monitors this program on an on-going basis and makes quarterly reports to the County Judge and the Quorum Court. The county provides funding which allows eligible employees tuition expense for post high school college course work and other training programs. The Human Resources department partners with all county departments to determine needed training and development programs. Research is conducted to locate provider sources to determine and negotiate best price for services. Human Resources then coordinates with departments to notify and arrange for scheduling employees for group training sessions.
  5. Personnel Records Administration
    Employee employment records are established and maintained in the Human Resources department in a confidential secure area. Employment records contain pertinent employment information including, but not limited to employment applications, tax withholding forms, employee personnel status forms, emergency telephone numbers/contacts in case of illness/injury, pension data forms, completed employee evaluation forms and photo identification electronic files.