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Garden of Trees at 2 Rivers Park
Pulaski County and the City of Little Rock jointly own 2 Rivers Park, a 1000 acre tract at the confluence of the Arkansas and Little Maumelle Rivers. The County and City in 1992 prepared a 2 Rivers Park Master Plan, which sets principles for recreational uses compatible with keeping the park in a natural area, including walking, bicycling, horse back riding and family activities. The City-owned area includes approximately 450 acres of mostly wooded wetlands area, and the County-owned area includes approximately 550 acres of open fields. Both the city and county have developed trail systems within their areas. In addition, the County-owned area includes the Garden Center at which county residents can rent garden tracts. About 300 residents take advantage of the gardening opportunities.
In 2004 Pulaski County Judge F. G. "Buddy" Villines convened meetings with several community organizations including the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Audubon Society, Arkansas Forestry Commission, Cooperative Extension Service, Master Gardener Program, City of Little Rock, and private citizens and discussed approaches for using tree planting to enhance the use and appeal of 2 Rivers Park. Later that year, Pulaski County retained the University of Arkansas Community Design Center (UACDC) to plan and design a Garden of Trees to be developed within a 140 acre portion of the county-owned area. The UACDC collaborated with the Arkansas Forestry Commission to plan and design the Garden of Trees.
Pulaski County is developing the Garden of Trees in July, 2005, with the support and assistance of the Cooperative Extension Service, Arkansas Forestry Commission and the City of Little Rock. Progress reports and photographs will be added to the web page periodically.
The following links access sections of the report prepared by UACDC and the Arkansas Forestry Commission. Also, a link at the bottom of this page includes the full report which can be downloaded.
Clearings, Clusters, and Cloisters
A Garden of Trees for Two Rivers Park
Little Rock, Arkansas

Complete Report
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